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Microsoft Office 2013

Although Microsoft didn’t stipulate an Office 2013 announcement would be arriving today, the blogosphere has been abuzz with regards to today’s announcement from the Redmond company. After a big banner showing the new Office logo was placed outside the San Fran venue, it was down to company CEO Steve Ballmer finally lifted the lid on its Office 2013.

Although the software maker’s market-leading productivity suite is perhaps never at the forefront of the main technology news, there has, over the course of the last year, been plenty of speculation about the next iteration of Office (including a leaked beta build), and with Microsoft fans and PC users adequately excited about the prospect of Windows 8, the next in line was naturally going to be Office 2013.

The latest version of Office features what Microsoft bills as "an intuitive design that works beautifully with touch, stylus, mouse or keyboard across new Windows devices, including tablets". With a new Metro interface heading our way in Windows 8, Office was always going to be given a significant visual update, as has proven to be the case.

Office 2013 features the usual suspects: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and Excel, all of which have been dramatically improved. PowerPoint in particular seems to have been singled out for a makeover, and packs in a new Presenter View which shows, at a glance, current and upcoming slides, total presentation time, along with speaker notes.



Microsoft Office 2013 with Visio Professional Plus CP x86It's been about three years since Microsoft unveiled a new version of Office, and particularly with Windows 8 just months away from dropping, the software has been well overdue for an upgrade. Today, Redmond unveiled the latest edition -- Office 2013 (aka Office 15) -- which the company will be showing in a preview stage until the final version goes on sale (hit up the source link if you want to download it for yourself).Perhaps the biggest news isn't any single feature Microsoft's added to Word (hello, easy YouTube embeds!), but how and where you'll access your files. With this version, the company is moving to a subscription-based model wherein your Office files are tied to your Microsoft ID. Once you sign up, you can download the various desktop apps to a certain number of devices and, as with Windows 8, your settings, SkyDrive files and even the place where you left off in a document will follow you from device to device. [email protected] com Feria Tantoco Robeniol Law Offices 09228750275 09209517019 orcullo ii tanya cabbab enzo gio iana (It's telling, we think, that files now save to the cloud by default.) As you'd expect, too, this version is also more tablet-friendly than editions past, with a touch mode that widens the spacing between onscreen objects and flattens menus. In Word and PowerPoint, you'll also find a read-only mode that turns documents into full-screen editions, whose pages you can swipe through as you would an e-book or digital magazine.Of course, Microsoft included plenty of granular updates like PDF editing and a behind-the-scenes Presenter View in PowerPoint. Fortunately for you, curious power users, we've been spending the better part of a week testing the software on a Samsung Series 7 Slate loaded up with Windows 8. So join us past the break where we'll give you a detailed breakdown of what's new, along with screenshots and detailed first impressions.




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Jake Samuel
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It's the the best MS office yet, really best brand ever.


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